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Mr Horsegate 449
DOB:Feb 8 2002
Sire:JDH Mr Manso 360/1
Dam:Miss V8 865/4
Price:Call For Pricing
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Mr Horsegate 449 is a Grandson of the Register of Renown (+)JDH Madison de Manso 737/4, Champion of the Houston Livestock Show in 1994. Mr Horsegate Sire is the Register of Renown +JDH MR Manso 360/1, the Leader Sire at Horesgate Ranch in Hempstead, TX. MR Horsegate 449 on his mother side, Miss V8 865/4 is a Grand Daugther of the register of Renown and Champion of the Houston Livestock Show in 1965, +JDH Loxey Gamel Demanso 55. Mr Horsegate 449 is a deep and long body bull, with excellent pigment and good feet and legs. Mr Horsegate has very good EPDS. Mr Horsegate 449 es nieto de el toro de Registro de Renombre y Campeon de la Feria de Houston en 1994 (+)JDH Madison de Manso 737/4. El padre de Mr Horsegate 449 es el semental de Registro de Renombre +JDH Mr Manso 360/1, el toro lider de la Ganaderia Horsegate en Hempstead, TX. En su linea materna es Nieto de Loxey Gamel Demanso 55, Campeon de la feria de Houston en 1965. Mr Horsegate es un toro profundo, con una linea dorso lumbar muy recta. Mr Hosegate 449, tiene muy buena pigmentacion. Mr Horsegate 449 tiene buenos DEPS. BW: +2.0 | WW: +16.5 | YW: +32.2 | Milk: +5.0
Mr Horsegate 449
JDH Mr Manso 360/1
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